15 Free Hashtag Analytics & Tracking Tools


The use of hashtags & Tracking Tools has evolved from a simple Twitter search function to becoming a ubiquitous element in social media campaigns. Whether it’s a global event like the World Cup or a social movement like #BlackLivesMatter, hashtags have the power to capture the online public’s imagination.

In this blog, we’ll explore the key role of Twitter hashtag analytics and tracking in planning and managing effective social media campaigns.

How Hashtag Analytics Identify the Best Hashtags:

Hashtag analytics play a crucial role in finding the best hashtags for marketing campaigns. From identifying topics that resonate with the target audience to recognizing the most engaging hashtags, these tools enhance social listening strategies. We’ll delve into how hashtag analytics help in understanding post performance and identifying influential channels.

How to Do Hashtag Analysis:

Using hashtags in social media content is a proven way to increase reach and engagement. The blog will explain the process of hashtag analysis and its significance. Readers will understand how hashtags aid in content discovery and learn about various hashtag analysis tools.

Which Hashtags to Track:

The blog will cover common hashtag categories, emphasizing their importance in social media messaging. From branded hashtags to trending, event, campaign, and content hashtags, readers will gain insights into the diverse uses of hashtags.

Paid & Free Hashtag Tracking Tools:

An overview of 15 free Twitter hashtag analytics tools will be provided, including recommendations from social media experts. While discussing the various tools, the blog will highlight the importance of Talkwalker’s Free Social Search as a reliable and free hashtag tracker.

Hashtagify – Hashtag Analyzer:

Readers will discover the features and benefits of Hashtagify, such as hashtag relationship analysis and trends. Insights from social media experts will be share to showcase the tool’s effectiveness in finding, analyzing, and amplifying tweets.

RiteTag – Track My Hashtag:

The blog will explain how RiteTag functions as a hashtag personal trainer, providing insights into trending hashtags and statistics. Features like trending hashtag alerts, tag sets, and instant feedback will be highlighted.

Tagbox – Twitter Hashtag Tracker:

An exploration of Taggbox’s user-friendly tools for aggregating and curating User Generated Content (UGC) will be discussed. The blog will emphasize the customization options and advanced features for hashtag tracking and UGC campaigns.

Socialert – The Hashtag Tracker:

Readers will learn about Socialert’s easy-to-use tool for hashtag tracking, with a focus on sentiment analysis, influencer ranking, and other features. The distinction between free and paid options will be clarified.

Hashtags.org – Twitter Trend Analysis:

The blog will introduce Hashtags.org as a resource for finding top trending hashtags across genres. Users will discover the tool’s valuable resources, including instructions on using hashtags and the option to add custom hashtags.

Trendsmap – Tweet Count & Top Tweets:

An overview of Trendsmap as a Twitter trends count tool will be provided. Readers will understand its features, including hashtag analysis and historical hashtag history.

TweetReach – Free Hashtag Tracking Tool:

The blog will explain TweetReach’s visualization of tweet performance and its clear breakdown of influencer engagement. The distinction between free and paid versions, including analytics for Instagram and Facebook, will be discussed.

TweetBinder – Social Performance Tool:

Readers will gain insights into TweetBinder’s clear visualizations of hashtag analytics and its breakdown of tweet types. The blog will highlight its effectiveness for understanding social performance.

TweetChat – Twitter Chat Tool:

An exploration of TweetChat’s role in getting involved in Twitter chats will be provided. The blog will explain its features, including highlighting users, stopping and starting hashtag tracking, and URL shortening.

#onemilliontweetmap – Overview of Hashtag Usage:

Readers will discover the tool’s ability to provide a global overview of hashtag usage. Intuitive filtering options and features like sentiment analysis will be highlighted.

Twitter Trends Search – Free Twitter Hashtag Analytics:

The blog will emphasize the usefulness of Twitter itself as a hashtag monitoring tool, particularly in surfacing emerging trends. Readers will learn how to use Twitter’s inbuilt features for hashtag analytics.

TWChat – Twitter Chat Tracker:

An exploration of TWChat’s features for tracking and contributing to Twitter chats will be provided. The blog will highlight its filtering options and unique features.

TrackMyHashtag – Twitter Hashtag Tracking:

The blog will showcase TrackMyHashtag’s real-time hashtag tracking with live dashboard and historical hashtag data options. Features like finding key influencers and measuring campaign reach will be discussed.

TweetDeck – The Social Media Manager:

The blog will explain how TweetDeck serves as a social media manager for tracking multiple hashtags and keywords. Features like tracking multiple campaigns and scheduling will be highlight.


The blog will conclude by encouraging readers to explore the listed hashtag tracking tools, including the reliable Talkwalker Free Social Search. Readers will be invite to share their favorite hashtag tools and experiences in the comments, fostering engagement and discussion.

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