All You Need To Know About The Ages Of Encanto Characters


Who doesn’t love the musical fantasies of Disney? Walt Disney Studios has constantly released some amazing fantasy movies. One such movie which captured the hearts of the viewers is Encanto. Do you know this was the first Disney movie that introduced us to a glasses-wearing princess?

This movie which released in 2021 is all about the Madrigal family. This family is quite unique as they have got magical powers. But the movie isn’t just about their magical abilities. It touches on many other aspects which make for an entertaining watch. Well, imagine being a part of such a family where everyone has some unique magical power.

One of the main questions that popped into the minds of the audience was regarding the ages of the characters. The Madrigal family is quite huge and the audience was confused about the ages of all the characters. If you too have the same confusion then this article will be the perfect read for you. We will be providing details of the ages of all the major characters in the Encanto movie.

What is the Encanto movie all about?

Encanto is unique in many senses. It is the first Disney movie that is based in South America. The viewers go on a ride to the magical world of Columbia. Now Disney is known for perfection in all aspects of movie-making. Hence they hired actors of Colombian descent to render voice to the characters of Encanto. The movie tracks the adventures of the Madrigal family. They reside in a magical world that’s far away from the hustle and bustle of the towns. This mesmerizing place is located in the mountains of Columbia.

The Madrigal family uses their magical powers to help the people of  Encanto. But there’s a danger leaping around this beautiful town. The family is losing their supernatural abilities. The main protagonist, Mirabel Madrigal must find out the reason for it and save her family and town.

Encanto movie- Main characters and their ages

The Encanto movie focuses primarily on the Madrigal family. This huge family consists of many unique characters who have different supernatural powers. Viewers desire to know the age of every character in the Encanto movie. So here we have listed the ages of the main characters of the Encanto movie.

Mirabel  Madrigal

The main character of the movie, Mirabel  Madrigal is a 15-year-old young girl who’s full of love and enthusiasm. She is around 158 cm tall.  Mirabel is young but quite determined. She is the only one in her family who doesn’t have any magical powers

Luisa Madrigal

Luisa is also one of  Mirabel’s sisters. She is very powerful as she has the gift of amazing strength. Others describe her as the rock of the Madrigal family. She is 19 years old.

Isabela Madrigal

Isabela is the elder sister of Mirabel. Mirabel is very fond of her sister and calls her “Señorita Perfecta”. Isabela is 21 years old. She can make gorgeous flowers and plants appear anywhere.

Alma Madrigal

Alma is the oldest character in the movie. She is around 75 years old. Her opinion is very influential and all the other members of the family respect her. She overlooks the magical abilities of each and every member of the family. She manages the candle that grants the gift to the family to have magical powers.

Bruno, Pepa, and Julieta Madrigal

All three are triplets. Their birthday falls on the same date – October 17. Bruno, Pepa, and Julieta all are 50 years old.

Bruno Madrigal

Bruno is termed the black sheep of the family. He has the power to peep into the future. He is the brother of Pepa and Julieta and the only son of Alma. He is known for creating a nuisance.

Pepa Madrigal

Pepa is a very emotional and dramatic character. She is a loving sister but her drama sometimes pisses off others. She has the power to influence the weather with the help of her emotions. She is the wife of Felix and like her sister, she too has three kids- Dolores, Camilo, and Antonio.

Julieta Madrigal

Julieta Madrigal is the mother of Mirabel. She is quite affectionate and takes care of all three kids very well. She can heal anyone with her food. She often attends to her husband who ends up getting hurt very often

Agustín Madrigal

Agustin is the father of Isabela, Mirabel, and Luisa. He is a doting dad but like Mirabel doesn’t possess any magical powers. He is 48 years old. He gets into accidents very often and then his wife has to use her healing powers to help him

Now that we have got to know about the main characters of the Enchanto movie and their ages. The below table will provide you with details about the ages of all characters in the Enchanto movie

Characters Age
Antonio 5
Cecilia 6
Alejandra 6
Juancho 6
Mirabel Madrigal 15
Camilo Madrigal 15
Luisa Madrigal 19
Isabela Madrigal 21
Dolores Madrigal 21
Mariano Guzmán 22
Pedro Madrigal 26
Osvaldo 40’s
Bruno Madrigal 50
Julieta Madrigal 50
Pepa Madrigal 50
Félix Madrigal 52
Señora Guzmán 75
Alma Madrigal 75

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