Foam Versus Spring: What Mattress Will Help Your Back Pain?


A comfortable mattress enhances your sleep quality and improves your overall health. Common health problems associated with bad mattresses include back and neck pain. Finding the best mattress for back pain ensures you enjoy a comfortable, good night of sleep. Foam and spring mattresses are the most common options for mattresses that will help your back pain.

Spring or innerspring mattresses contain springs or metal coils within their foams, making them feel bouncier. Memory foam mattresses have more density and are pressure sensitive, offering the most support for your body. The mattress is viscoelastic, meaning it molds to your body when you lie on it, offering pressure point relief.

Enhanced body support feature makes memory form mattresses perfect for your back and joint pain. Back and side sleepers also enjoy natural spinal alignment and improved lumbar support.

Continue reading to understand the benefits of memory foam mattresses for your back pain.

Limited Motion Transfer

Movement when sleeping can affect your spinal alignment, so you need adequate stability to turn while maintaining proper posture. Memory foam absorbs most of the pressure from one part of the mattress to another, keeping you stable.

Motion transfer refers to how movement is shared among different mattress parts. For example, when sharing a spring mattress with another person, their movement can take away support on your end. Memory foam mattresses have low motion transfer, meaning they isolate movements. By conforming to your body shape, foam mattresses reduce pressure points, improving comfort.

Longer Lasting

Getting a good mattress can be costly, but it is worth the expense to invest in a mattress that will last you a long time. For a longer-lasting mattress, choose memory foam over spring options. Memory foam material is high density and doesn’t contain metals or plastics that can break or deteriorate, meaning they will last longer. The longer lifespan saves you money from frequent mattress replacement while allowing you to enjoy the health benefits of memory foam mattresses.

Natural Bounce

While spring mattresses are known for feeling bouncy, that feeling comes at the expense of proper lumbar support. This will affect your back pain, making the problem even worse.

Foam mattresses with gel pods combine support and a natural bounce to get the bed back into position. The gel pods reposition themselves for optimal body support when you lie on such mattresses. You can keep your spine aligned, alleviating back pain while enjoying the bouncy feel.

Better Pressure Relief and Support

Memory foam excels at proper pressure relief through contouring to your body shape. The mold responds to body weight and heat, which improves the comfort feel for quality sleep.

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A firm memory foam mattress will neutralize your spinal alignment for a back sleeper. Side sleepers also enjoy reduced pressure on the knee and shoulder as they press onto the mattress.

The ability of foam mattresses to distribute body weight evenly will help relieve body pain and aches. Patients with sciatica find foam mattresses comfortable since they experience less pain when lying down.


One element of a mattress’ comfort most people may overlook is heat retention. Traditional memory foam mattresses had a huge heat retention issue, making sleeping in them uncomfortable. Spring mattresses are breathable, but such mattresses can be uncomfortable on cold nights. Finding the balance on mattress breathability allows you to have a proper comfort feel.

Open-cell foam mattresses are an improved version of the conventional memory foam with spaces in it allowing heat escape. The mattress retains some body heat, making your sheets feel snug and warm. Gentle heat within the mattress pad helps relax back and joint muscles, causing reduced stress. The body heat also helps soften and mold the contours for better support.

Choose the Best Mattress for Back Pain

Your choice of mattress impacts your health and determines the quality of sleep you get. Choosing memory foam over spring mattresses gives you the means of better support for your back and greater comfort for your sleep. Foam mattresses are the best mattress for back pain, perfect for side and back sleepers. These mattresses also last longer, meaning they will serve you for years.

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