Hanging Balcony in India Explained: Modern & Sleek Design

Hanging Balcony in India Explained: Modern & Sleek Design

Looking to add a touch of up-to-date style to your house in Delhi/Gurgaon? Dangling balconies score high on all the parameters. They are a relatively modern form of sleep variety that symbolizes beauty and utility at the same time.

A balcony, which appears to be floating in the air, enlarges your living area while you do not lose the square meters inside the house. Starting from definition to benefit, application, and many more, we are going to explain everything about this balcony design, which is the favourite of home interior designers in Gurgaon.

Understanding Hanging Balcony

Imagine you’ve got a balcony that looks like it floats outside your window. In contrast to standard balconies, where sizes of heavy beams protruding out of the wall of a building are seen, hanging balconies are pretty different.

The most appealing feature of hanging balconies is their versatility, especially in functionality for rooms that are limited in space. One of the fantastic types of balcony ideas is the hanging balcony, which has no support columns and thus offers a large area on the balcony.

Advantages of hanging balcony

Aesthetics and Modern Appeal

Renovate your building’s front sight and make it stand out from the rest! This is a modern and elegant design that, when implemented, will give any structure a massive facelift. Not that the thick beams of the past are out of fashion, but these are sleek and stylish and give your house that feel of modern opulence.

Space Optimization

Many individuals nowadays have limited living space in their homes due to tight urban environments, but that does not mean one cannot have natural images and the feeling of the outdoors in one’s living space. Such types of balcony ideas are the best for those who like to optimize their living space to the maximum!

Increased Usable Area

Are you frustrated by the small space on your balcony? The balconies with hanging are a gift of space. They do not have supports in the middle, so they also have a vast space that gives you a feeling of freedom to breathe as if you are outside your own home enjoying your green garden.

Versatility in Design

The value of hanging balconies lies in their specificity and variety of forms. You can choose one depending on the style you prefer to establish. You can select from options such as glass, wood, or metal to help achieve the perfect appearance that fits the best ambience in your house.

You can even have a look at the options for the type of finishes and other related aspects that one would prefer with the little slice of the sky, as suggested by the home interior designers in Gurgaon.

Improved Views (Depending on Design)

Although not always apparent, some hanging balcony designs might offer a pleasant view of passing traffic! The lack of support infrastructure may also give a more accessible view of the city skyline or even energy if you are in that region.

Therefore, imagine sipping your evening tea and gazing at the beautiful view; it. It is an experience like no other.

Factors to Consider Before Designing a Hanging Balcony

Structural Requirements

For hanging balconies, where the general principle goes against the gravity that is present in any architectural and engineering design almost always, structural support is particularly important. These balconies have to hang from the building, so their strength must be provided by the building structure. Perhaps this is why it is necessary to consult with a professional architect or engineer.

They will check the load-bearing capabilities of your building’s structure to support the weight and pressure of hanging balconies.

Weight Limitations

Similar to any other balcony, hanging designs cannot afford to outweigh the weight of their contours. This relates to the weight that is to be supported by the balcony and the objects you wish to place on it, such as chairs, tables, or flower pots, among others.

Building Codes and Regulations

Local building codes and regulations are essential in construction. Hanging balconies are relatively recent. Therefore, it is wise to check whether the balcony you wish to construct complies with the codes of civil law in your country.

This might include things like weights, materials allowed for construction, and measures to be taken in case of hazards.

Maintenance Needs

Hardware consisting of rugged steel cables or rods that support your balcony needs to be cleaned and oiled occasionally. To increase their durability and safety, they should undergo regular maintenance.

This might include inspection, washing, or greasing (depending on the surface) to avoid getting rusted or worn out. Below are some of the guidelines that you need to follow to enjoy your hanging balcony throughout your lifetime.

Cost Considerations

It must be said that modern designs generally come at a somewhat higher price. Traditional hanging balconies are always thought to need more sophisticated construction and materials than normal balconies.

That added extra cost for a competent architect or engineer to be hired, and this could mean that the expenses at the initial stage could be slightly higher. Still, the look that they provide and the way that they work can very much be worth it, especially for a dream house.

Design Your Balcony with Matter of Space

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From initial design concepts to navigating structural considerations and building codes, Matter of Space will be by your side every step of the way. Visit matterofspace.in and get a free interior design consultation for your dream balcony!

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