How Hyperbaric Treatment Can Boost Your Body’s Natural Healing Process

How Hyperbaric Treatment Can Boost Your Body’s Natural Healing Process

Hyperbaric treatment involves breathing in pressurized oxygen inside a chamber. The therapy delivers more oxygen to the lungs and blood, resulting in various benefits for people that try this healing method. Here’s an overview of how undergoing hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) can boost your body’s natural healing process:

Increases Oxygen Supply To Injured Tissues

Wounds and injuries can damage your capillaries and blood vessels. An injured blood vessel can release fluid that causes inflammation. Swelling can deprive the damaged tissues of oxygen. If the cells continue to starve, they’ll start to die. Hyperbaric oxygen treatment allows oxygen-rich plasma to travel to injured cells starved for oxygen. The therapy floods your body with oxygen and increases dissolved oxygen plasma levels. Increased oxygen can help reduce swelling and break the cycle of starvation and cell death.

Stimulates New Cell Growth in Injured Areas

One of the ways hyperbaric treatment boosts your natural healing process is by stimulating new capillary growth in the affected areas. Capillaries run through the body’s extremities and are often the most injured in cuts, burns, and bruises. HBOT encourages the growth of new blood vessels, which can promote the formation of collagen and skin cells. 

Enhances Ability To Fight Harmful Bacteria

Hyperbaric chamber therapy can increase your body’s ability to fight off harmful viruses and bacteria. The treatment can help block the action of bacteria in various ways. It can help strengthen your immune system and disable the toxins bacteria produces. Increased oxygen supply in the cells can help your tissues resist infection, allowing the white blood cells to locate and destroy the pathogens. 

Increasing Blood Flow To Injured Areas

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy involves pure oxygen delivered inside a chamber. The pressure inside the chamber is higher than atmospheric pressure, which results in more oxygen intake and improved blood circulation. The treatment is good for your blood vessels and helps reduce toxins and swelling, allowing blood to reach the extremities and injured parts of your body. Cells rely on oxygen and other nutrients supplied during circulation. Increasing blood flow boosts the natural healing process by preventing and repairing the damage of oxygen starvation on cells.

Reduces Pain and Other Related Symptoms

Hyperbaric chamber treatment can help reduce pain and other symptoms in different conditions. The immunomodulatory effects reduce inflammation, which can be a major source of pain in patients with rheumatoid arthritis and other conditions. HBOT can also reduce fatigue, edema, and discomfort caused by cellular injuries. The treatment promotes cell regeneration, which repairs the damaged tissues. Decreased pain can help promote an active lifestyle, which helps to provide a higher quality of life.

Find a Trustworthy Hyperbaric Treatment Center

Hyperbaric treatment can help boost your natural healing process. Look for reputable, well-maintained facilities with quality hyperbaric chambers. Work with experienced practitioners who can customize your treatment to fit your specific injury and goals. HBOT has many other advantages, including improving neurological functions, improving vasculature, and promoting anti-aging. Choose legitimate HBOT centers with a clean track record for safety and trustworthiness.

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