The Best Yacht Charter Destinations In The British Virgin Islands

Exploring The Best Yacht Charter Destinations In The British Virgin Islands

Beautiful beaches, scenic destinations with a heavenly backdrop, tropical attractions teeming with eye-catching fauna…these are some of the British Virgin Islands’s pleasures you stand to enjoy while you’re on a yacht charter. 

Yacht charters are a nice way to spend a luxury vacation, primarily for their personalized experience, an array of exciting activities during the cruise, and a team of knowledgeable staff that ensures everything is as per your expectations.  

Looking to book a yacht charter for your cruise to the Caribbean? Want to learn more about the service? The post below offers some of the best destinations in the British Virgin Islands you should visit.  

What is a Yacht Charter?

What is a Yacht Charter?

A yacht charter is when you lease a yacht for a sailing vacation. A charter yacht broker often does the legwork of seeking a vessel. You should hire the services of a professional charter yacht broker, such as the yacht charter BVI, for the best experience. 

The broker gathers critical details concerning the trip from you, such as:  

  • The number of people going on vacation 
  • How long you’ll be on the trip 
  • When you’d love to travel 

Afterwards, they connect you to an ideal vessel that matches your specifications. The best part is they have an array of yachts available, so the selection process is fast and straightforward.  

Types of Yacht Charters

There are two main kinds: 

  • Crewed Charter: As the name hints, it’s a charter where you hire a yacht with an entire crew- including a captain. The team is there to cater to your needs and respects your privacy. Their rooms are often separate from the living spaces and guest bedrooms. 
  • Bareboat Charter: The demise charter is an agreement where the broker provides the yacht with no provisions or crew. You’re in charge of the vessel, and most yacht owners require that you sign a bareboat charter agreement before they can rent the yacht to you. 

Top Destinations to Tour In The British Virgin Islands

Here are some of the top places in the British Virgin Islands you should include in your cruise itinerary: 

1. Great Dog 

Located in a tiny sub-group of islets in the British Virgin Islands, the Great Dog is famous for its clear, turquoise waters, marine life, and expansive space that offers countless opportunities for divers- professional or not. 

It also provides viewing pleasure for the more reserved tourist as it dramatically emerges from the raging waters. Its cliffs offer a resting place for some sea creatures. They also provide habitats for birds like the red-billed tropicbirds and sooty terns. 

2. Sandy Cay

Still up for some offshore adventures? Sandy Cay offers an equally pleasant exploration experience for tourists of all ages. Nestled between Jost Van Dyke and Tortola, it commands admiration with its white sandy beaches and colourful gardens. 

It’s an excellent kayaking and snorkelling destination thanks to its clear, deep waters that get warm during the day. Consider hiking the short trails or exploring the mysterious expanse while on land! 

3. Smuggler’s Cove 

The Smuggler’s Cove offers a perfect getaway spot for escaping the bustles of everyday life. Most of it is beautifully covered in emerald green, and the remaining portion is beautified by the white sand and glistening waters under the daytime sun. 

Its underdeveloped state and minimal to no population make it a great place to relax, meditate, or have a romantic rendezvous. You could also watch sea turtles glide onto the shore or swim in the relaxing waters. 

Smuggler’s Cove 

4. Anegada Island 

Another haven in the Caribbean, Anegada Island attracts eager visitors for its unique ecosystem, pristine beaches, and natural beauty amplified by its mainly limestone and coral content.  

It’s shielded by the Horseshoe Reef- one of the Caribbean’s largest coral reefs- allowing tourists to dive and snorkel as they behold the eye-catching marine life and shipwrecks. It’s an explorer’s paradise on land for its bountiful vegetation and endangered creatures like the Anegada Rock Iguana.

5. Soper’s Hole 

Soper’s Hole is a unique destination for its rich history, modern amenities, and scenic photo-worthy beauty. Have a breathtaking view of the sunset reflected on the still waters. Or, enjoy the tastiest cuisine as you overlook the harbour. 

The fun doesn’t stop there. You could also shop for souvenirs or nautical pieces at colourful buildings in the destination’s waterfront area. Then, there’s going underwater to interact with the abundant marine life and participating in watersports. 

6. Norman Island 

Although privately owned by German psychiatrist Dr. Henry Jarecki, Norman Island offers many exciting activities, attractions, and legends- mainly of hidden treasure that belonged to the famous pirate Captain Kidd. 

Also, not all of it is privately owned. The Bight is home to a strategic anchorage where boaters and yachters can stop, relax, and take in the tranquil surroundings all over the island.

7. White Bay Beach 

Found on the island of Jost Van Dyke, White Bay Beach is among the top places to visit for its powdery white sand, vibrant beach bars, and laid-back atmosphere that adds to its unmatched charm.  

It’s also home to some of the best festivals and events- especially during holidays- and hiking trails that provide panoramic views of the Caribbean Sea and surrounding areas. If you’re not big on hiking, you can end the day in style by kayaking, jet skiing, or paddleboarding.



The British Islands is a favourable area that boasts many destinations worth visiting. The examples above are just a taste of its splendour. Additionally, It has something for everyone, from unique cultures to a mouthwatering blend of beauty. Your ticket to adventure galore is just a yacht charter away. 

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