Can Custom Wall Graphics Be Applied on the Exterior of a Building?

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You can apply custom wall graphics to the exterior of a building, adding branding, visual appeal, or artistic elements to its façade. A good supplier for your peel-and-stick wall decals can boost your print job and enhance your company’s branding. Here are some custom wall graphical decals your customers can stick to their business buildings’ exteriors:

Custom Vinyl Wall Stickers

Many businesses may prefer custom vinyl stickers because of their adhesive nature. This quality makes it easy to reuse vinyl stickers, saving the cost of buying new ones. The ability to resist ultraviolet rays, water, and wear or tear makes them long-lasting. Custom vinyl stickers come in different types, including clear vinyl, high tack, and metallic stickers. The stickers can also be cut easily to suit a customer’s preferred sizes or shapes.

Custom Wall Murals

Customized murals can be ideal for your customers needing graphics for their entire walls. Businesses and corporations prefer customized wall murals for informational purposes. Standard wall murals are vinyl, sandstone, photography, image, and abstract murals. Many homeowners and businesses may choose vinyl and sandstone wall murals because of their simplicity and cost-effectiveness. Photography murals reflect the owners’ identities, while image murals display class and social status. Abstract murals on buildings’ exteriors can reflect your creativity as a printing expert.

Knowing your customers’ objectives can help you understand which custom murals suit their building’s exteriors. Your customers’ objectives could be to complement a décor, theme or represent their memories.

Fabric Wall Decals

The low cost of printing fabric wall decals makes many people prefer them. Seamlessness, acoustic qualities, wide color gamut, and reusability are other advantages of fabric wall graphics. The seamless nature of these graphic decals may result from finely woven fabric.

Benefits of Applying Printed Wall Graphics To a Building’s Exterior

Businesses may apply printed wall decals to their buildings’ exteriors as marketing tools. The graphics can inform potential customers about a business’s services and products. Customers can also know more about a business’s name and other brand-promoting information. The more printed graphic decals visually impress potential customers, the more sales a company makes.

Businesses that show clients their printed wall murals or other graphics demonstrate confidence in their offer. Visually appealing printed graphic decals also attract new customers to a business. The more customers a business gets, the faster its growth rate.

Graphical exterior decals on a commercial building inform the public about the business’s missions and values. Communication of your missions and values through these visuals means better customer connection. Employee engagement, work environment, and employee motivation can also improve. An ideal work environment and motivated workers in a business improve performance and productivity. Improved worker performance and productivity may result in better customer service and customer satisfaction.

How Custom Wall Decals Are Applied to a Building’s Exterior

Knowing how to apply exterior wall graphics properly can bring you more customers and expand your print business. Having all materials for the work can save you time and prevent possible errors. Some of the things required to apply a wall decal to a building’s exterior are:

  • Painter’s tape
  • Rubber squeegee
  • A tape measure
  • Level
  • Water and sponge to clean the wall
  • Marking pencil

The first step is measuring a wall decal and choosing a fitting space on your customer’s building’s exterior. Wiping the wall surface and positioning the graphics are the next steps. A level may help you arrange the graphics uniformly for a more attractive design. Once you apply the decal, use a rubber squeegee to remove any air bubbles. Removing air bubbles makes printed graphics stick better to the wall surface.

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