Crafting Love: A DIY Approach to Wedding Planning


Embarking on the journey of wedding planning opens up a world of possibilities for you to share your creativity. For couples that are looking for a unique day that reflects their personality, a DIY (do-it-yourself) approach can be both rewarding and fulfilling. Read on as the following article explore ways to infuse your wedding with personal elements to make it a true reflection of your love story.

Personalized Invitations

Creating your own wedding invitations is a great way to start your wedding journey. Choose a color palette that reflects your style; after that the options are endless. You could go for a hand-written option that feels personal, or if you’re not sure if your handwriting is up to scratch, go for stickers or stamps.

Handcrafted Wedding Favors

Elevate your wedding favors by crafting them with love. You could make personalized candles for guests to take home, or make homemade jam or preserves. You could even plant tiny plants as a take-home keepsake. This extra effort is sure to make your wedding favors a memento that your guests will cherish.

A Unique Menu

While making the food yourself on your wedding day is not advisable (you’ll have enough going on to worry about feeding the 500), you can create a personalized menu. Search for wedding reception catering packages that you can then tailor to your unique vision and tastes.

DIY Flower Arrangement

If you’re green-thumbed, why not express yourself with some DIY flower arrangements? From the bridal bouquet to the centerpieces, you can source and arrange your flowers to match your wedding style. To give yourself more time during the wedding planning process, why not opt for dried flowers? They look beautiful and elegant and will last for much longer than fresh flowers. If you’re feeling adventurous you could even create a floral wedding arch.

DIY Photobooth Backdrop

Photobooths are a fun way to capture wedding memories. Get involved by creating a photobooth backdrop that adds whimsy and fun to your celebration. You could create a lively backdrop using colorful balloons, or an elegant ambiance with string fairy lights and draped fabric. Alternatively, you could use a chalkboard and let your guests decorate it themselves!

Alternative Guestbooks

Guestbooks are a great way to look back on your special day; however, they don’t need to be traditional—make it so that your cherished keepsake reflects your style. You could ask your guest to take a photo with a Polaroid and create a photo wall, or a quilt where guests can leave heartfelt messages. If you’re a fan of reading, ask your guests to leave notes for you within the pages of your favorite book.

Personalized Vows

One of the most important aspects of your wedding is your vows, so if you want to add more intimacy to your ceremony why not write your own vows? Share your promises and commitments in a way that resonates with you both, creating a unique DIY experience.

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Mastering the art of DIY wedding projects is a great way to add a personal touch to your celebration, while also saving money and creating memories.

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