Four Finishing Touches for Your Property Ahead of Putting it on the Market

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Whether you and your partner have bought a house with the express and sole intention of renovating and modernizing then flipping for a profit, or instead, you’re looking to sell your family home to upsize or downsize, then the finishing touches are everything.

With this in mind, here are four small details that will make a huge difference to the aesthetic quality of the décor and design and maximize profits.

1. Minimize the Impact from Pets

Even though your pair of binkying bunnies or beautifully lovable dogs may be the light of your life, there are some people who will be viewing your house who simply are not animal lovers.

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This means that, although there’s obviously no need to ask your neighbor to look after your pets for the duration of each viewing, you should still ensure that there’s no pet hair on the carpet or soft furnishings, that each room smells fresh and clean, and that all their toys are stored away.

2. Add Indoor Greenery

Another simple yet overwhelmingly effective finishing touch that you must remember is to add just the right amount of indoor greenery.

Not only will indoor plants and flowers make each of your interior living spaces feel and indeed, appear, lighter, fresher and airier, but they’ll also provide the following additional benefits for the atmosphere for your new home, too:

  • They provide a way to sharpen your attention span.
  • They help you fight off common colds.
  • They make you more productive when working from home.
  • They provide a way to reduce your levels of stress and anxiety.

3. Start Preparations Early

In addition to the smaller finishing touches, it’s also important to look into any structural changes that you could make which can increase the overall value of your property, such as creating an open-plan kitchen, building a conservatory attached to the back of your home, or even extending the garage to make it a double.

You should also concentrate on doing as much research as you can into different renovation financing avenues, such as the numerous options for refinancing hard money loans should you feel prepared and ready to make larger changes.

4. The Small Details

In the couple of hours before your first viewing, it’s time to conduct a full and thorough walk around the entire property and make sure that every single room is looking, smelling, and feeling as welcoming as possible.

Ensure that there are clean and beautifully folded hand towels in the bathrooms, any games or other paraphernalia belonging to your children are out of sight, the dining table is set with cutlery and placements, and the bathtub and toilets are clean and sparkling. You could also consider laying down a newly bought rug for the center of the living room floor that you only use when potential buyers are visiting.

Finally, even though there’s no need to remove anything of a personal nature from the rooms, any private paperwork, intimate items, and excess photographs from windowsills and cabinet should be put away, too.

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