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The IELTS test-taking system is divided into two parts: Paper-based test and IELTS computerized test system. The syllabus of both academic and general tests will remain the same. The structure of the exam, content, marking criteria, and test report form will also be similar if you choose the IELTS computerized test.

IELTS assesses the student’s English ability based on 4 skills; Reading, Writing, Speaking, and Listening. When you decide to give the IELTS test on a computer, all three parts Reading, Writing, and Listening. It will be taken on the computer by the examiner but the ‘Speaking Test’ will be done between the student and certified examiner in the discussion.

This article will show every little information associated with the reading, writing, and listening IELTS test on the computer. It will help you If you have also selected the computer-delivered IELTS exam, we request you to look over every paragraph mentioned on this web page to get the required knowledge.

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Computer-delivered IELTS Test System Complete Detail 

IELTS Reading Test on Computer:

There will be two types of tests; the IELTS Academic Reading Test and IELTS General reading test. You will get 60 minutes to complete the whole test. It consists of 40 different styles of questions to check the reading skill of the student. A candidate needs to give the answers to multiple-choice questions (MCQs), identifying information, matching headings, summary completion, matching sentence endings, flow chart competition, note completion, and summary completion.

  • IELTS Academic Reading Test: It consists of three long authentic texts which include descriptive and factual information taken from newspapers, books, or magazines. It is an appropriate test for the candidate who is going to take undergraduate or PG courses.
  • IELTS General Reading Test: It includes three long paragraphs with a certain set of questions. A paragraph could be a general opinion or factual-based information you generally encounter daily.

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IELTS Listening test on computer 

In the IELTS listening test, students will get 6 question types which consist of MCQs, matching, diagrams/map/plan, sentence completion, short answer questions, forms/table/note, and summary completion. ILETS listening takes 30 minutes and students will get extra 10 minutes for the transfer of the sheet.

IELTS writing test on computer 

The IELTS writing test is the most typical part of the IELTS. The writing skills of the student will be assessed based on their grammatical accuracy, vocabulary, sentence structure, etc. How good you are framing the sentences after using all English rules will decide your overall score. The pattern of the question will be the same as the IELTS paper-based test. There will be two tasks; Task 1 and Task 2. In task 1, you need to write 150 words in 20 minutes whereas a student has to present their answer in 250 words in 40 minutes in task 2.

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IELTS Speaking test 

As we already discussed before, in the IELTS speaking test, there will be an interactive discussion between candidate and examiner. It is divided into three parts; Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3. In part 1, An examiner asks about your personal information and your background history. In part 2, there will be a topic assigned by the invigilator and you need to speak on it. On the other hand, there will be a discussion about the topic assigned in part 2. You need to support your answer with the relevant facts or examples in a detailed form.

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There is the biggest myth of the candidate that the IELTS computer-delivered test is easy. The difficulty level of both paper-based tests and computerized tests is the same. From question structure, marks, question types, the time frame will also be the same as a paper-based IELTS test, so if you are confused about which test you should opt for then we recommend you to go for the IELTS computer-based test only if you are a tech-savvy person to perform well on the computer. If you are not good at using computer systems, a paper-based test will be the best choice for you.

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