How to Use Frozen Strawberries in Baked Goods


Strawberries are packed with the vitamins and antioxidants you need to lead a healthy lifestyle. Adding strawberries to your diet can be effortless since this fruit can be consumed raw. Strawberries are also part of many recipes, especially in desserts and baked goods. Some recipes require frozen strawberries, while others use freshly picked berries, so be sure to choose the right option. Here are some tips on how to use frozen strawberries in baked goods:

Use Them Whole or Chopped

The easiest way to incorporate strawberries into your baked goods recipes is to use them in their natural form. Freshly frozen strawberries can be used whole or chopped in various recipes. Some popular recipes include strawberry cobbler, scones, frozen pie, cheesecake, tarts, and muffins. Baked recipes tend to use frozen instead of fresh strawberries. Strawberries contain lots of liquid, so thawed berries can make your baked goods soggy if you aren’t careful.

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Frozen strawberries will thaw during baking but won’t release too much liquid. Whole or diced strawberries offer a sweet and savory taste, giving each bite more flavor for your tastebuds. The strawberries also contribute to the presentation and can add a visual dimension to cakes, muffins, and other baked goods. When using whole or chopped strawberries in your baking recipe, be sure to wait until they are frozen solid before using them.

Incorporate in the Dough

Some baked goods don’t require freezing the strawberries in their whole or solid form. You can crush the berries and incorporate them into the dough. Certain recipes may also use strawberries as a filling hidden inside the dough. Recipes like scones involve kneading chopped strawberries in with the dough. Pop tarts involve crushing the strawberry and using it to fill the hollow space. Incorporating strawberries into the dough may require partially thawed berries.

You can blend strawberries and use the juice with the wet ingredients in a cake. Incorporating berries into the dough can result in an authentic fruit-flavored cake. Mixing crushed, blended, or chopped strawberries with the dough can work for different appetizers, breakfast recipes, main courses, and desserts.

Use Them as Toppings or Fillings

You don’t have to bake or cook strawberries to add them to your recipes. Strawberries are sweet in their raw form, which makes them perfect for toppings and sandwiches. You can use chopped or crushed strawberries between buns, bread, and filling for cake. Strawberry jam is also perfect for your baked breakfast items. You can use a layer of homemade strawberry jam or filling to give your baked goods a nutritious and delicious feature.

Strawberry toppings or fillings are some of the easiest solutions for using frozen strawberries. Toppings can be used whole or chopped in their frozen state. Fillings and spreads require some time to thaw before crushing. You can blend the berries into a thick consistency and spread it over a cheesecake, muffin, bread slices, and more. Strawberry jams and jellies add a sweet twist to any baked item and don’t require much work to incorporate.

Use Them Ripe and Unripe

You can use strawberries in their raw forms as toppings, spreads, and fillings. Ripe strawberries are the best if you don’t intend to process the berries. If the berries will spend time in the oven, avoid overripe fruits because they’re mostly water. Using ripe berries in the oven may result in sogginess. Ripe berries are also sweeter and have a more defined color that can take over the dough or batter when blended in. Slightly unripe strawberries are the best choice for baking.

Unripe berries have more flesh and less water, so they won’t affect your cake. Follow the recipe strictly to maintain the moisture level. Raw unripe berries have a tangy taste, so you can use them for recipes with enough sweet ingredients. If you use ripe berries, they should be frozen, solid, and dry. Make sure you select freshly frozen berries for your recipe.

How to Use Frozen Strawberries for Everyday Baking

Frozen strawberries come packed in tightly sealed containers and can stay in the freezer for several weeks. The quality of strawberries will affect your results, so stick to produce from reputable farms. Freshly frozen berries are the best. You can also let them thaw to fit your recipe. When looking for tips on how to use frozen strawberries, find a standard recipe you can replicate at home. Try out a new baked recipe using delicious frozen strawberries today.

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