What Towel Supplies Do You Need To Clean Your Vacation Rental?

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If you have a vacation rental, you may be searching for the best towels and other cleaning supplies. It can be challenging to decide what towel supplies to keep for cleaning purposes. Purchasing wholesale cleaning supplies can help you stock up on all the necessities and keep your vacation rental clean.

Types of Towels To Have In Your Vacation Rental

Many vacation rentals have multiple types of towels for different uses. In your vacation rental, you might have:

  • Bath towels
  • Hand towels
  • Swimming towels
  • Cleaning towels

Bath, hand, and swimming towels are there for the convenience of your guests. The cleaning towels help you and your cleaners clean the vacation rental for your next guests.

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You want your guest to have plenty of towels for their stay. For each bathroom, consider providing at least two towels per guest. It may also be helpful to have extra sets on top of this in case you can’t clean them all between guests. You may also want plenty of cleaning towels, as you can go through them quickly when cleaning.

Best Types of Cleaning Towels

There are a few things to consider when buying wholesale cleaning supplies. When you are deciding on cleaning towels, consider the different fabric options and sizes that are available.


The two main types of cleaning towels are cotton and microfiber. Microfiber is generally regarded as being more absorbent and efficient at cleaning dirt and bacteria, but cotton is usually cheaper. You may consider microfiber cloths if you want more efficient and clean towels. Cotton towels may be your best option if you need a budget-friendly option.


The size of your cleaning towels depends on the size of the surface you are cleaning and your personal preference. You can find cloths of various sizes, and you may want to look for something that is large enough to cover a bigger area without being excessive.

How to Clean Your Vacation Rental

Here are a few tips that may help you clean your rental more quickly and efficiently:

Start With Laundry and Dishes

Save time by starting your laundry and dishes first. When cleaning up after guests, you can put the bedding and towels in the washing machine and the dishes in the dishwasher. Because the washing machine and dishwasher take the most time, getting them started first can help you avoid waiting for them later. If you have multiple loads to wash, do them throughout the day.

Clean the Bathrooms

Once you’ve gotten your dishes and laundry started, it’s time to move on to the bathrooms. Start from the top of the bathroom and work down to the bottom. If you notice you are getting streaks on your mirrors when cleaning, consider purchasing microfiber towels made for cleaning glass. After cleaning the mirror, scrub the countertops and the toilet. When you have finished cleaning all the surfaces and walls, you can sweep and mop the floors.

Clean the Bedrooms

Use a cleaning cloth or dusting mitt to eliminate dust on nightstands and dressers. Make sure to dust the fan if it has been a while since it has been wiped down.

Clean the Kitchen

Clean off the kitchen counters with a fresh cleaning cloth. Make sure the blinds have been properly dusted. Check the appliances, like the oven, fridge, microwave, and coffee maker. You can also check to make sure all of your dishes are in the right place.

Make Beds, Hang Towels, and Put Away Dishes

Once your washing machine and dishwasher have finished, you can make the beds, hang the towels, and put away any last dishes. Make sure the sheets look crisp and make the bed before you leave.

Finish With the Floors

Once you have finished cleaning, you can vacuum, sweep, and mop. Cleaning other surfaces in your house may drop dust or dirt onto your floors, so leaving your floors for last may be the easiest solution.

Purchase Wholesale Cleaning Supplies

It is best to have cleaning towels for bathroom surfaces, kitchen countertops, dust, and glass. It can require a lot of towels to clean a vacation rental, so making a wholesale order may be your most cost-effective option. If you are looking for wholesale cleaning supplies, contact a wholesale provider today.

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