Bhashyam School App: How to Download, Install and Login

Bhashyam School App

The educational sector is undergoing a huge transformation. If we combine education with technology then it can prove to be extremely beneficial for students. Many apps have come up to modernize traditional education methods. One such app is the Bhashyam School app. It offers complete information to parents about their child’s academic records. It is for those students who are enrolled in any Bhashyam educational institute.

This article offers a complete information about the app. Parents need not travel all the way to school to attend meetings and get information about their child’s performance. With just a click on the Bhashyam School app, they can get all the information.

Introduction to Bhashyam School App

The  Bhashyam School  App has been created by the Bhashyam Educational Institutions. They desire to promote effective communication between teachers and parents. The ultimate goal is to enhance the performance of the students and boost the satisfaction levels of the parents. The Covid pandemic forced schools to adopt the online mode of learning. Consequently, the app was developed to streamline the mode of learning and be used for the long term.

The Purpose 

This app’s main purpose is to offer exhaustive insight into the student’s performance who are enrolled in the  Bhashyam Educational Institutions. The lack of effective communication between the school and parents is a common problem. Bhashyam app aims to reduce that gap by promoting flawless communication between parents and the school administration. The parents are able to receive the latest information from the school easily.

bhashyam schools app

Benefits Of The Bhashyam  School app

The  Bhashyam Schools app has many prominent advantages to assist seamless communication. Students and parents can reap major benefits after downloading the app. Let us divulge details about the major benefits of the same.

  • This app’s interface is very user-friendly. Even those parents who aren’t that tech-savvy can utilize the application easily.
  • Teachers can provide feedback and other information instantly. They don’t have to wait for the PTMs or call parents to update them.
  • The app provides information about the child’s performance. Parents are often anxious and eager to know how well their child is performing. With the help of this app, they can track and stay updated with their child’s performance in school.
  • Working parents can enjoy the biggest benefit of this app. They can have a look at their child’s performance sitting at their workplace.

How To Download The Bhashyam School App?

 It is very simple to download this app on your phone. Just follow the pointers listed below to understand this simple process.

  • Go to the Google play store
  • Type  Bhashyam school app  in the search box
  • Once you spot the app select the install button
  • The downloading will commence soon. Once the downloading is finished the app will appear on your screen.

Easy Steps To Login Into The Bhashyam App

Once you have downloaded the app it is time to register yourself for the app so that you can enjoy all the benefits

  • You need to enter your mobile number in the username section. Yes your mobile phone will be your  username
  • You will soon get a password on your phone
  • Once you get the password, copy it and write it down in the password space.
  • Congratulations! You will be now successfully registered with the app and can browse through it.

What Will You Find In The Bhashyam Schools App?

The Bhashyam Schools App will offer all the necessary information that any parent desires to know about. The Bhashyam app includes the following

  • Name, Class, Section, and all other relevant details about the student
  • Details of Homework allotted every day
  • Scheduling of classes (you can join the class through a video link and jot down the notes)
  • Lessons arranged subject wise
  • Attendance record of the student
  • Fee record
  • Gallery

Salient Features Of The App

  • It is available free of cost
  • It is not going to occupy much storage space as the file size is 6-8 MB.
  • The developer of the app is the Bhashyam Schools
  • The app is constantly updated to accommodate new features
    This app is available on the Google play store. You can easily download it from there. The app has nearly over 1 lakh downloads.

bhashyam schools app

Bhashyam School App – Frequently Asked Questions

Ques 1) How can I download the Bhashyam app?

Ans) You can download the Bhashyam app from the play store by following the steps stated above.

Ques 2) Is it available in any other language?

Ans) Right now the app is available in the English language only.

Ques 3) Who is the founder of the app?

Ans) The app is the brainchild of the Bhashyam Trust. This organization has been engaged in the education sector for decades.

Ques 4) Is it difficult to use?

Ans) The app has been designed in such a way that any parent can easily navigate through it without facing any issues. The interface is absolutely user-friendly.

Ques 5) How can I download the app if I can’t access the Google play store?

Ans) You will have to download and install the APK file in case you can’t access the play store.

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