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Ultimate Drive Increaser

If you possess a Pen Drive and desire to boost the space in your  USB then this blog is going to be quite beneficial for you. Are you endlessly searching for software that can help you handle your storage woes? If yes then we have the answer for you.  Ultimate Drive Increaser is the perfect software to boost the storage capacity of your USB up to 32 GB.

Ultimate Drive Increaser can increase the storage but you need to keep in mind that it is not possible to transfer the data to your pen drive once the storage has been increased.  If you want to know how to download Ultimate Drive Increaser then keep reading this blog.

Ultimate Drive Increaser 32GB Free Download

You can download the 32 GB memory drive increaser using this link given below:

Ultimate Drive Increaser 32 GB Free Download

Memory Drive Increaser 64GB Free Download

Click on the given link to download memory drive increaser 64 GB free version.

Ultimate Drive Increaser 64 GB Free Download

Ultimate Drive Increaser 128GB Download

Download the latest version of memory drive increaser 128GB for free.

Ultimate Drive Increaser 128 GB Free Download

Memory Drive Increaser Software For Window 7 32 Bit

Users also look for ultimate drive increaser

Ultimate Drive Increaser Free Download

Steps to download Ultimate Drive Increaser

We have mentioned easy steps to help you download Ultimate Drive Increaser. You can enhance the storage of your drive very easily by employing the use of this software. To begin with the process first download the ultimate drive increaser software RAR file. Once you get the RAR file you will be following the below steps.


Step 1- Go to Play Store

The first step you need to do is to go to the Play Store. Find the ultimate drive increaser in the Play Store. This app won’t cost anything as it is available for free.  You have the option to download it on your PC but you should do this only with the help of authentic sites.

Step 2- Time to launch the Programme

Now once you have finished the downloading part check if your USB or pen drive  has a stable connection with the PC. If the connection isn’t stable or proper then the download is going to fail. Once it is all well connected it is time to launch the software. To do so find the software called  Ultimate Drive Increase. Simply click it. The software will commence the operations and start running as soon as you click on it. See it is very important to have a fast internet connection  to facilitate the quick download of the program.

Step 3-  Using the Extension

Now you need to navigate to the tool from the toolbar to select your USB. You then need to look for the left action panel. Once you find the panel simply click on the  Extension Partition button. Now, why is this step important? See this is going to ensure that you are able to process things smoothly and effectively.

Step 4-  Boosting the  Drive Space

Now you need to choose the drop-down option from the settings page. Your disc can use up the available free space now. But for that, you must select the unallocated space. You need to gauge the amount of space you require for your drive. This is important as it will enable you to determine the ideal option to boost the disc space. Once you click the OK button you will be able to modify the size as per your requirements. So finally after following all these steps you can use your USB or pen drive. So the drive increaser has been used effectively to boost the storage capacity of your USB

Step 5: Final Procedure

If you intend to check the main page of your newly downloaded software then simply click on the back button. You can then check how well the ultimate drive increaser software is working. You will be happy to notice the increased capacity of your device’s storage. Now don’t forget to select the save changes box otherwise the changes might not be saved. So you are done with the whole process and now it’s time to work smoothly with your software.

Technical Specifications for Ultimate Drive Increaser

The specified name for the software is ultimatedriverincreaser.exe

The zip file is available

File Version   1.9.0

Minimum Requirements

Processor Intel Pentium or above
Hard Disk Requirements 10 MB or above
Operating System Requirements  All Windows Version Supported


Ques 1) Is it safe and reliable to download?

Ans Yes it is definitely safe to download the Ultimate Drive Increase. Some users worry about their systems getting hanged due to the installation of such software. But you won’t face any such problem with this software.

Ques 2) Is it crucial to follow all the steps stated above?

Ans Yes you will have to follow each and every step stated in the above article. If you miss any single step the software won’t get downloaded.

Ques 3) How much time it takes for the software to begin working on my system?

Ans If you have followed all the steps correctly then the software will begin working immediately. Sometimes there can be delays due to the internet connection. But in most cases, your software will begin working instantly.

Ques 4) What is the total size of the file?

Ans The size of the file will be around 33 KB

We hope you will easily manage to download the  Drive Increaser by following the steps stated above.

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