Hailbuy Fashion Review: An Honest Opinion 


Whenever I want to purchase something, I first check for the reviews of the brand or the company. I believe that not only I, but almost every person also does the same in order not to get scammed. A few months back, I came across a website named Halibuy when I was planning to buy some accessories and clothing for myself.

I am a shopaholic but I don’t prefer window shopping anymore due to my hectic schedule. So I chose this website to buy the stuff. I was unable to find reliable reviews of this online fashion store. Afterward, I think why not give it a try and share my honest opinion with all of you who also want to purchase something from this store but take a step back because of mixed reviews about this website? So, I ordered some items from this website and in this blog, I am going to share a few things about this store with you that will make it clear whether to trust this website or not. Well, first let’s know more about the Halibuy fashion website.

Introduction to Halibuy Fashion

As per the details given on the website, Halibuy Fashion is a shopping store that was started in 2018. At that time, the website used to deal with cosmetics only but now it deals with clothing and accessories, especially for women. It is not a big company with is run by a plethora of people. Instead, it s a group of a few people. Well, the website has an Instagram presence as well and there are 259k followers on Instagram, which makes this website quite reliable. Even though the website has huge publicity, a number of followers and authenticity, if products are of cheap quality and customer service is not good, nobody would like to make a purchase. So, let’s check how was my experience with all these things.

Hailubuy Fashion Review: Honest Opinion

My personal opinion is based on a number of different factors from delivery, return policy, and customer services to even the price and the quality of the product.

1) Delivery

I ordered some clothes and accessories from this website on August 16. I was hoping that I might receive my order by the last of the month. However, it did not happen. I needed to wait for so long to get my order and I get it after one and a half months. I was really furious about it but then I realized that there might be some genuine reasons for that. So, it was okay! However, if you are planning to give a surprise to someone by getting a dress or something from this website, the long delivery time may ruin your surprise as you may not receive the order on time.

2) Packaging

The packaging was really good but what made me sad was the outer inner box had a torn. Well, it is quite normal as it might be because of shipping. So, that’s not a matter to worry about.

3) Quality

I ordered three dresses for myself. The quality of the two dresses was absolutely amazing and both fitted me really well and looked quite good on me. These dressed provided were worth the money and the wait I did for getting my order. However, I was not at all satisfied with the quality of the third dress. It was really cheap and I realized that I wasted my money on it. Apart from cheap quality, the dress was small in size and did not fit me.

4) Pricing

Well, the prices of the dresses are quite affordable and you can get more discounts and coupons from the website. However, everything depends on the quality of the stuff. As I mentioned earlier, two dresses were worth the price but for the third one, I thought that my money went in vain.

5) Return policy

I tried to return my third dress to get my money back, but I did not receive any response from the other end. I sent emails many times, but there was no response. So, I think customer service needs to be improved.

Is Halibuy Fashion legit or a scam?

After I did not get a revert from the website, I tried to analyze the website thoroughly. I found that the website has no details of the owner. There is no official address and contact number on the website. Only an email id is given on it. It turned a red flag to the website.

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Moreover, I realized that there was i huge discount on the third dress. That huge discount convinced me to purchase that dress. So, I believe that we must not purchase anything based on discounts. There are chances that you may get scammed. Well, the website is credible as it has presence since 2018, but the customer service, refund policy, and shipping policy all are trash. So, think before you make a purchase.

Final Thoughts

In the end, there is a huge difference between what we see online and what we get in reality. This was my real experience with the website that I wanted to share with you. I hope this blog will secure you from getting scammed online.

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