Farmasi: 5 Most Popular Products and Its Reviews


I am always on the hunt to find the best beauty products. Your skin and hair matter a lot. So why not pamper them with some nice products? Recently I stumbled upon a Turkish brand Farmasi and tried their products. Many might not be aware of them so I thought to pen down an article about this company and offer you a genuine review about the products.

The Turkish beauty brand Farmasi is getting quite popular these days. The brand which originated in 1950  has been able to cement a decent reputation in the fierce cosmetics market. The official account of Farmasi has nearly 680k followers and over 3k posts. The best part of Farmasi is the use of exotic and pure ingredients like aloe, calendula, hammam, tea tree, etc. Farmasi was founded by Dr. C Tuna and she uses her experience and expertise to get the best products crafted

The cosmetic industry is growing at a rampant scale. More and more people are investing millions to take care of their skin. The competition among cosmetic brands is at its peak. But few brands stand out from others due to their unique products which aim to revolutionize the way people use cosmetic products. Farmasi is one such brand that has been gaining a strong foothold in the cosmetic industry. So this article gives you an insight into popular Farmasi products and whether they are worth the hype.  But before doing that we need to ensure that these products are safe to use. If as a customer I am not assured about the safety and authenticity of a product then I won’t really be inclined to purchase the product.

Are Farmasi products safe?

I dug into details about Farmasi products. The company claims that all its products are free from any toxins. The company lays proper emphasis on employing Good Manufacturing and Cruelty-Free practices. I read the interview of Dr. Tuna’s grandson Sina Tuna who is currently handling the operations of the company. Sina says that her grandmother always focused on natural and organic products that would not have any bad impact on the skin.

The company is following her ideals and each and every product is free from parabens, phosphates, etc. If you will look at the ingredient list of common cosmetic products you will find all these harmful ingredients.  Farmasi is based in Istanbul and the company is spread over 70 acres. According to the employees of the company, the water is used from natural wells located on the campus. Visit this also skin tone chart.

The ingredient list of the popular products includes unique components and very little use of any chemicals or harmful substances. I was particularly impressed to find retinol, capixyl, and trichogen on the ingredient list. Not many cosmetic companies include such amazing components in their products. So we can safely conclude that the evidence and the details about the Farmasi products show that Farmasi products are safe to use.

USP of Farmasi products

The major USP of the Farmasi products is their use of unique ingredients and affordable price range. Despite being a major brand that has been in existence for decades, the pricing is apt and can suit anyone’s budget. Moreover, the expansion of Farmasi into new areas like the essential oils segment, holiday ornament gift sets, etc is an interesting development.

Review time

Now that we have read about the safety of the products let us review the popular products of the company. We will be reviewing a few most popular products along with the new arrivals. These reviews will make it easy for you to arrive at the right judgment. All our Farmasi reviews are genuine and based on personal experience.

Farmasi VXF PRO FULL coverage foundation makeup

I will first review the foundation by Farmasi. It has over 300 ratings on Amazon and is quite a popular product. The first thing that impressed me is the gorgeous packing. It comes in a fine 30 ml brownish bottle. The foundation has amazing coverage and its natural finish seamlessly blends with the skin tone. The main ingredients of the foundation include Vitamin E and Hyaluronic acid.

Any beauty lover would be well aware of how these two ingredients are excellent to nourish the skin. Another thing I loved about the Farmasi VXF PRO  foundation is that you don’t get any unpleasant scent or stickiness as it is free from any parabens or those artificial oils. Well, it’s certainly a great deal at  $29.

Farmasi Dr. C Tuna Vitalizing Revitalizing Hair Mask and Shampoo

The next product on the line is the garlic revitalizing shampoo. Who doesn’t want nourished and healthy hair? But the most common issue faced by people is the prevalence of damaged hair, excessive dandruff, etc. Farmasi Revitalizing Hair Shampoo focuses on strengthening and nourishing each strand of hair. The thing I loved the most about this shampoo was its non-greasy and non-sticky nature. It wasn’t too heavy on my hair.

Now many readers might not be too impressed when they get to know that garlic has been added to shampoo. But let me assure you that the shampoo has a pleasant fragrance with a very faint smell of garlic. Yes, my hair did feel a bit itchy initially but afterward, it was all well. It costs around $ 22.50 dollars and it is economical for the value it is offering.

 Farmasi Dr. C Tuna  Calendula Hammam Soap

The product I was most excited to try was the Farmasi Hammam Soap. Hammam soaps are unique to Turkish culture and have always been associated with Turkish beauty. I have very dry skin and in the winter it especially creates problems as my skin becomes too flaky. But I must say Farmasi Hammam Soap has helped my skin stay naturally hydrated and nourished.

The dryness is still there but it is quite less. I hate using harsh soaps which are full of chemicals. But Farmasi Calendula soap has all the natural ingredients. The dominant ingredient is the Calendula extract. Calendula has unique anti-microbial properties which can heal dry skin and provide the needed nourishment. So if you have dry flaky skin like me then I suggest you try out this soap. Other soaps by Farmasi include Farmasi Tea Trunk Soap, Farmasi Cocao soap, etc. The soap costs $8.

Farmasi Reviews of  New Arrival Products

Farmasi Dr. C. Tuna Citrus Essential Oil

I checked out the fresh arrivals by Farmasi as I wanted to try out one of their new products. For a long time, I have been looking for good essential oil.  I decided to buy Dr. C. Tuna Citrus Essential Oil. Though Farmasi has launched a full range of essential oils including Eucalyptus Essential Oil, Jojoba Essential Oil, Niaouli Essential Oil, etc I decided to go with the  Citrus Essential Oil. Honestly, I don’t have much information about  Jojoba,  Niaouli, etc so I thought to go with the safe alternative- Citrus Oil.

Now when I opened the bottle I was mesmerized by the strong citrus aroma. I feel citrus has a very powerful aura whose aroma can purify the air in seconds. I put the oil in a spray cleaner and sprayed it all around my home. Honestly, the aroma of citrus was a bit too much. It would be better to dilute the oil and then use it to spray around. Also at  $ 25 dollars, I consider it to bit expensive. If I compare value for money then Dr. C. Tuna Citrus Essential Oil doesn’t live up to expectations.

Farmasi Pomegranate Hand Cream

The next product I tried my hands on was the pomegranate cream. Winters are approaching and I needed some nice moisturizer. Farmasi has launched many affordable hand creams. I have previously bought a few hand creams but they were too sticky and greasy.

Farmasi’s hand cream is less greasy but if yuo are expecting completely less greasy cream then Farmasi’s cream might not be the best choice. Talking about the ingredient this cream mainly contains shea butter. I love shea butter as it gets instantly absorbed into the skin, I liked the silky finish which this cream rendered to my skin. And what do I say about the pomegranate aroma? It is so tempting. You would wish to eat the cream as the aroma resembles that of a real pomegranate.

The Final say

Farmasi’s products have been quite popular. I tried five Farmasi products-three are quite famous already while the other two are fresh arrivals. Overall Farmasi lived up to my expectations. The only product which disappointed me was the Citrus essential oil. The other products worked well

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