How to Get Greater Value Out of Your Longer Trucking Jobs


Longer jobs can be a huge drag in the trucking business. You have a truck gone for a long while, and when it gets back, it will need a check over by a mechanic and your driver will need a long rest. You might not think these long hauls are worth the time, money, resources, and effort you put into them. However, by using the following tactics, you can get more return on this effort, making those longer jobs worthwhile.

1) Use Directories to Fill a Half-Empty Load

Using directories to help you make the most of your longer hauls can be important. You will find that driving with a full load will help you to cover the costs as well as make the trip slightly more enjoyable for your driver. You will find that by looking out for shipping work and shipping jobs that are appropriate for your haul, you will be able to make sure that you have a full load every trip, which can make your long jobs worthwhile.

2) Use Social Media

Using these long hauls to create ‘stories’ for social media can be great. Getting your drivers to do a day in the life of, or taking photos of all the landmarks they pass on the way there, you might find that you can get a lot of footage for social media campaigns. This can be useful for creating bulk content – and building a more diverse social media page that is bound to appeal to more people. It is a great way to bring in more potential followers, gain a bigger following, and build your online business presence.

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3) Use It to Experiment with Different Software

If your company hasn’t settled with a certain type of communication software, you might find that a long journey might be a good way to have a trial run. A lot might happen on a long journey, especially if you are traveling across multiple states, so it will be highly beneficial to make sure that your team is using the trial version of new software that will help with communication, advising ETAs, and keeping you up to date on the whereabouts and the wellbeing of the driver. This can be important if you are going somewhere remote or the driver happens to be new to this line of work.

4) Look at and Review

It might also be a good opportunity for you to monitor the correct prices for trips, especially if you aren’t used to doing long hauls. You might find that it can help you accurately gauge outgoings which can help you to offer the correct prices, make sure that you are not overcharging customers, and make sure that you still turn a profit after one of these long and exhausting hauls. This can be really beneficial to both you and the customer, and it can help you to collect data for later on in your business’s life.

There you have some simple tips for getting the most out of long-haul trucking jobs.

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