Is Study gap Accepted in Canada? Know The Curiosity Behind It!


Many students plan to study in Canada, however, due to some reasons, some students need to keep this plan on hold. This results in a study gap. So, students have a question that whether the study gap is accepted in Canada or not. If you are stressed about your gap and are looking for the same, leave all your worries and read this blog till the last. We will let you know how much gap is accepted in Canada. In addition, you will also get to know for which reasons will your gap be accepted in Canada. So, don’t worry about cover the gap for Canada study visa if the reason for your gap is valid and you have genuine proof. 

How Much Study Gap is Accepted in Canada? 

Well, the acceptable time period for the study gap is different depending on whether you are going to pursue a diploma, undergraduate degree or postgraduate degree. So, the gap duration for various study programs is given below: 

Program  Acceptable Study Gap 
Diploma  2 years
Undergraduate  2 years
Postgraduate  5 years

Some Reasons for Having Study Gap 

Here are some reasons for the study gap and if you have any of these reasons for your study gap, it will be accepted in Canada: 

  • Financial problems: Some students skip the plan of studying in Canada because of financial issues So, after the 12th or graduation, they decide to manage finances first and then take the next step. It is obvious that arranging a lot of money can take a lot of time, and as a result, this can lead to a study gap. This gap can easily be covered by showing proof of the funding. 
  • Taking exams: The major requirement for moving to Canada is an English language proficiency test. Students from non-English backgrounds and those with poor English language abilities take a lot of time to improve their skills in order to clear the exam with desired scores. In some cases, they need to appear for the exam more than 2-3 times. This could be the reason for the study gap. In addition, some students need to prepare for the entrance test to get admission to the top universities and receive scholarships. Therefore, the preparation for the entrance exam can also take time and result in a study gap. 
  • Work experience: Students usually get a job after completing their undergraduate degree because they want to gain some work experience. Either they for 1 or more than 1 year at the workplace to develop their skills and get better opportunities. After that, they make a decision to continue with their postgraduate course which leads to a study gap. Well, the gap of 5 after an undergraduate course is acceptable but you must have valid proof.  You can show your experience letter and payslips to cover this gap. Don’t think that the gap because of the work experience is only acceptable after an undergraduate course. If you started gaining work experience after the 12th, it will still be acceptable. What order to read colleen hoover books?
  • Medical issues: Students sometimes need to drop the plan of studying in Canada because of some health conditions. Don’t worry! The medical issues are the reason for your gap, you can easily cover it by showing your medical certificates. 
  • Traveling: After completing secondary school education or higher education, students usually take a break and go out for travelling. By traveling, they develop various skills and rejuvenate their mind. If this travel journey takes too long, it would be the reason for the study gap. Well, this wouldn’t be a problem if you have proof to cover this gap such as your tickets and all. 

If you have any of these reasons for your study gap, make sure to have evidence to cover your gap. Otherwise, it would be the biggest concern. Well, covering a gap doesn’t mean that you will get your Canada study visa, you need the percentage required for Canada study visa in your previous qualification. In addition, required scores in language proficiency are the second major requirement. 

Wrapping Up: 

To wrap up, although the study gap is acceptable in Canada, it is better to approach the best study visa consultants so that the entire process goes smoothly. If your agent is unaware of how to cover the study gap, you might lose the chance of studying in Canada.


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