Cheapest Diploma Courses in UK for Indian Students

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Are you planning to pursue an undergraduate or postgraduate course in the UK? Let us tell you that if you opt for a UG or PG degree, it will cost too much. If you belong to a middle-class family, managing finances for a UG or PG degree would be difficult. So, how to resolve this problem? We have a solution. You can opt for a UG or PG diploma in the UK. Now, many of you will say that some diploma courses are also expensive as well. Don’t worry! We have shortlisted the best and cheapest 1-year diploma courses in UK for Indian students. The list of courses is huge and we assure you that you will surely find a suitable option for yourself. 

Cheapest 1-year undergraduate diploma courses in the UK

If you are going to the UK after the 12th, you can choose a UG diploma course from the list given below. Don’t just choose a course only on the basis of fee, make sure to check your educational background and interest as well. 

Specialization  Diploma Course Course Duration  Average Fee
Arts Diploma in Arts and Design  1 year £18,000 per year
Forensic Science  Diploma in Forensic  1 year £16,400 per year 
Business Administration  Diploma in Business Administration  13 months  £16783.50 per year 
Accounts  Diploma in Accounting and Finance 13 months  £18,644 per year 
Film Making  Diploma in Film Making  1 year  £14,600 per year 
Journalism Diploma in Journalism 1 year £17,750 per year
Marketing Diploma in Marketing  1 year £13451.38 per year
Psychology  Diploma in Psychology  1 year £18,560 per year 
Computer Science  Diploma in Computer Science  13 months  £19,000 per year 


Cheapest 1-year postgraduate diploma courses in the UK

Well, if you are planning to study in the UK after completing graduation in your home country and are looking for a course program, here are the best options for you: 

Specialization  Diploma Course Course Duration  Average Fee
Law  PG Diploma in Law  9 months  £14,400 per year 
Sales PG Diploma in Sales  1 year  £13,450 per year 
Data Science PG Diploma in Data Science  1 year  £12,000 per year 
Fashion Designing  PG Diploma in Fashion Design Technology  1 year  £11, 550 per year 
Tourism & Hospitality Diploma in  Tourism & Hospitality Management  13 months  £14,450 per year 
Nursing  PG Diploma in Nursing  1 year  £16,000 per year 
Human Resource PG Diploma in Human Resource Management  1 year £14,982 per year 
Computer Science  PG Diploma in Computer Science  13 months  £21,850 per year 
Pharmacy  PG Diploma in Pharmacy  1 year  £16,700 per year 
Business Analytics PG Diploma in Business Analytics  13 months  £14,400 per year 
Business Management  PG Diploma in Business Management  1 year  £15,660 per year 
Business Administration  PG Diploma in Business Administration  1 year  £15,440 per year 

How to Find the Cheapest Diploma Course to Study in UK? 

If you are looking for the cheapest course to study in the UK, here are some tips that will help you for sure: 

  • Research well and choose the courses that match your interest and educational qualification. You need to follow this step with patience if you want to choose the best but most affordable diploma course. 
  • Make a list of courses that suit your requirements. 
  • Check the fee structure of these courses in different universities and colleges. 
  • If it seems difficult, make sure to seek help from the study visa consultants. They will guide you perfectly and help you choose the finest course. 
  • Now, look for a scholarship to study in UK after 12th for Indian students and check the eligibility criteria. 
  • Apply for the same and get a discount on the course you have chosen. 

Wrapping up: 

To wrap up, studying in the UK will be expensive if you don’t choose your course wisely and don’t have apt knowledge about the scholarships. Therefore, take decisions patiently and carefully, and if required, make sure to seek help from the best study visa consultants. 

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