Top Things to Know When Picking Cabinet Hardware

Cabinet Hardware

Cabinet hardware comes in different forms, sizes, materials, and finishes. It can be difficult to remember the small details when you’re deciding on large items for your remodel like countertops and cabinetry. Consider these things before choosing hardware for your kitchen and bathroom remodeling:

Size and Positioning of Handles

When choosing a kitchen knob or pull, consider proportion, balance, aesthetics, and function. Massive cabinet doors or drawers need large hardware. Traditional or transitional pulls should be one-third the drawer’s length, while larger than 18-inch drawers may need multiple pulls or knobs. Modern designs require long handles, at least two-thirds the drawer or cabinet door’s length.

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On drawers and doors, pulls are usually placed horizontally. Consider the design of your kitchen before attaching knobs and pulls to the cabinets.

Knobs are attached to doors and drawers with a single screw. Pulls are attached to a door or drawer with two screws. Before any holes are drilled, make sure your home builder or renovation specialist knows which handle to connect to each cabinet door or drawer. You should indicate the knob or pull’s position for consistent installation across the kitchen.

Style of the Kitchen and Bathroom Remodeling

The style you select for your kitchen should reflect the design used in the kitchen. There are four primary kitchen cabinets categories: rustic, contemporary, transitional, and eclectic. If you choose the modern design, expect sleek lines and little ornamentation. Make sure that the handles on the cabinetry are of a similar finish as the handles of your appliances.

A transitional style incorporates current and traditional components. You can combine the clean appearance of inset-door cabinets with hardware that is neither hard-edged nor overly elaborate, such as a cup handle with a coordinating knob.

Farmhouse or rustic-style kitchens are intended to be pleasant, so the hardware should reflect this. Choose a knob or pull with a black, copper, or oil-rubbed bronze finish. These finishes tend to acquire a patina over time, making them ideal for a rustic, cozy kitchen. The eclectic design allows you to incorporate your personality, while the traditional style gives you top-notch detail and fancy knobs.

Consider the Finishes

Once you have selected the desired type, size, style, and material for your cabinet hardware, selecting the proper finish becomes much simpler. There are several available finishes, including satin, matte, antique, painted, weathered, and polished.

In a contemporary kitchen, stainless steel handles with a highly polished or brushed finish fit well. Traditional settings are better suited for pewter and brass. In a rustic kitchen, bronze’s patina and maturing appearance will make a powerful statement. A black finish is striking on light-colored cabinets in a kitchen with a transitional design. Make sure that the finish of your cabinet hardware complements the kitchen’s overall aesthetic.

Select the Right Material

The vast majority of the available materials for kitchen cabinet hardware are metal alloys. Lacquer or plating is applied to the surface of brass kitchen hardware, making it highly durable. It is antibacterial and aids in preventing the spread of pathogens. Bronze hardware is antibacterial, has a robust appearance and texture, and works well with cabinets manufactured from thicker woods.

Stainless steel is another alternative because of its durability and ease of maintenance. You can select pewter or nickel materials. For a vintage aesthetic, you can use glass, crystal, or porcelain knobs. While selecting the material, select a color that will match your kitchen design and the appliances.

Consider the Cost

You should not buy something that is outside of your budget. The cost of kitchen cabinet hardware is affected by various things, including the type, store, and material used. Some materials are more expensive than others. Choose a cabinet that is within your price range.

Are you remodeling your kitchen? Make sure you have considered these things before selecting the hardware. You can work with a remodeling company to select the best design to match the aesthetic of your home. Get started on your kitchen and bathroom remodeling with the help of an expert.

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