What Jobs to Consider in the Life Science Industry


The life sciences industry offers diverse career opportunities that can be rewarding and impactful. From advancing research on new treatments to bringing scientific discoveries into everyday use, a life science career can make a difference in society. As an employer, partnering with life science recruiters can help you navigate this industry that encompasses biology, pharmaceuticals, and medical devices. Here are some jobs to consider in the life science industry:

Biomedical Research Scientist

A biomedical research scientist is a professional who conducts applied research to advance medical knowledge. They work to develop new medical treatments, drugs, and therapies. To become a biomedical research scientist, one needs a bachelor’s degree in a Life Science field like biology, biochemistry, or biomedical engineering. Graduates can expect to work in government agencies, academia, and private research laboratories. A research scientist can also become a lab manager, research administrator, or science journalist.

Clinical Research Associate

A clinical research associate manages clinical trials for new drugs or medical devices. They coordinate clinical testing by monitoring different stakeholders’ activities to enhance compliance with regulations and protocols. Life science recruiters seek candidates with a life science degree, nursing, or healthcare qualification for this role. Registered nurses can make the best CRAs due to their prior patient experience. This position is available in pharmaceutical companies, contract research organizations, government regulatory organizations, and academic research programs.

Pharmaceutical Sales Representative

Pharmaceutical sales representatives work for pharmaceutical companies that manufacture and distribute prescription medications. Their job is to promote the company’s products to medical professionals. A pharmaceutical sales representative needs good communication and interpersonal skills when discussing the benefits of new medications and therapies with healthcare professionals. An undergraduate degree in life sciences, such as biology, chemistry, or pharmacology, is required, plus any additional training the hiring company provides. With experience, a sales representative may become a medical science liaison, sales manager, or pharmaceutical market research analyst.

Bioinformatics Specialist

Bioinformatics involves the analysis of biological data sequences, including DNA and proteins. A bioinformatics specialist uses computer algorithms and software to interpret the data and provide insights that can aid researchers in understanding disease mechanisms, treatment options, and drug discovery. The skills required for this role include a strong background in computer science, including programming languages, life science, and biochemistry knowledge.

Regulatory Affairs Manager

A regulatory manager monitors all stages of product development, including preclinical and clinical studies, through to the product release stage. They make sure that quality, safety, and efficacy standards are met. One must possess excellent communication skills and an in-depth understanding of scientific and FDA regulations. A life sciences, biology, or chemistry degree would also help.

Quality Assurance Specialist

A quality assurance specialist inspects, examines, and tests products to meet the highest standards and comply with government regulations. They play a  role in producing safe and reliable products. Their responsibilities include testing, inspecting, and completing quality control documentation. One needs a degree in chemistry, life sciences or a relevant scientific discipline to excel in this field. Strong mathematical and analytical skills, attention to detail, and excellent communication skills are also required.

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